Our hotel can be found in Jaca, capital of the Comarca de la Jacetania (the Jaca region) in the Aragon Valley, in the Huesca province. It is flanked to the north by the Pyrenees and to the south by the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel, a symbol of the city.

As the first important stop in Spain on the Santiago Way Pilgrim Route Jaca offers its visitors architectural jewels like the XIth century cathedral, the first Romanic cathedral built in Spain.

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                               Coordinates: N 42’56977º / W 0’55228º

Paseo de la Constitución 3 (22700 Jaca | Huesca)
tel.: 974 361050 - Fax: 974 360797


         Huesca, 70 Km
         Zaragoza, 140 Km
         Pamplona, 107 Km
         San Sebastián, 195 Km
         Madrid, 460 Km
         Barcelona, 342 Km
         Pamplona, 102 Km
         Zaragoza, 156 Km
         Pau, 110 Km
         Huesca - Pirineos, 70 km
Paseo de la Constitución 3, 22700 Jaca | Huesca | tel.: 974 361050 | conde.aznar@condeaznar.com
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